A stay at La Casa Rodavento puts you in the center of a culturally rich, delightfully explorable colonial town, minutes from diverse options for outdoor adventure.

Valle de Bravo’s climate is temperate year round, averaging in the mid-60s, with the warmest months being May through August. The summer sees more rain than the winter, beginning in June and continuing until September. But whenever you come, you’ll find an environment well suited to strolling, alfresco dining, water sports and other outdoor activities.

AT OUR SISTER HOTEL Guests of La Casa Rodavento have access to all the activities and amenities available at our sister property, Hotel Rodavento, just ten minutes away via our complimentary shuttle service. The concierge will be happy to make arrangements and assist with schedules.


Challenge yourself on a 1640-foot zip line course or rappel from a platform far above the treetops. Take aim on a tournament-certified archery course, with instruction from a professional archer. Explore the surrounding terrain by horseback or mountain bike, or simply grab a picnic and a couple of fishing poles to see what you can catch in the reservoir.


Valle de Bravo has a reputation for being one of the finest paragliding locales in North America, owing to its consistent weather, favorable atmospheric conditions, and spectacular scenery. Accompanied by a certified pilot, you’ll soar in thrilling silence over treetops, the lake, and the village itself, for a memorable perspective on this special place.

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Guests of La Casa are welcomed at the Hotel Rodavento’s outdoor spa, nestled in the forest along the banks of a river flowing from nearby 
springs. Here, mind and body are soothed as the soul is invigorated by a menu of treatments drawn from multicultural traditions. Enjoy specialized therapies such as powdered diamond exfoliation, energizing vitamin-C facials, and a suite of holistic massage options ranging from sports therapy to reflexology. Organic aromatherapies soothe the senses as your body absorbs the healing energies of the river, natural springs, and fragrant flora surrounding you. The centerpiece of our spa is a traditional Mesoamerican temazcal, or “house of heat.” Inside this domed structure, medicinal herbs infuse the air, creating a transporting experience for meditation and the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

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Take a dip in the pool, loosen your limbs in the jacuzzi, or put your feet up and listen to the sounds of nature on one of Hotel Rodavento’s peaceful terraces. The common areas of Hotel Rodavento are your home-away-from-home while enjoying a stay at La Casa Rodavento.

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Valle de Bravo is graced by rolling mountains covered in pine, oak, and fir trees, tumbling to the shores of a blue lake. Depending on where you look, the skies may be filled with birds in flight, vivid orange butterflies, or thrill-seeking paragliders. In this natural wonderland, there are mountains to be climbed, horses to be ridden, and golf courses to be conquered.

Visit the monarchs

Between the months of November and March, join us for an organized excursion to the monarch butterfly sanctuary of Piedra Herrada, where you’ll witness thousands of the orange and black beauties fluttering, swooping, and sometimes alighting on your shoulders.

Horseback Riding

Beyond the reach of cars, along mountain ridges and deep valley trails, lies some of Valle de Bravo’s most majestic scenery—accessible only on horseback. Enjoy this activity to appreciate the natural gifts that Valle de Bravo offers. Available between 9 am and 5 pm to adults and children over 10, all rides are supervised by professional trail guides.

La Peña

The striking rock formation known as La Peña towers like a sentry over lake Avendaro. Once you’ve admired this iconic formation from the vantage of a ferry cruise, consider climbing to the top of La Peña for the equally impressive view down from these heights. It’s perhaps the most beautiful view of the lake and town that can be seen with your feet on the ground.

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