Mariposa Monarca

Between the months of November and March, join us for an organized excursion to the monarch butterfly sanctuary of Piedra Herrada, where you’ll witness thousands of the orange and black beauties fluttering, swooping, and sometimes alighting on your shoulders.

Horseback Riding

Beyond the reach of cars, along mountain ridges and deep valley trails, lies some of Valle de Bravo’s most majestic scenery—accessible only on horseback. Enjoy this activity to appreciate the natural gifts that Valle de Bravo offers. Available between 9 am and 5 pm to adults and children over 10, all rides are supervised by professional trail guides.

La Peña

The striking rock formation known as La Peña towers like a sentry over lake Avendaro. Once you’ve admired this iconic formation from the vantage of a ferry cruise, consider climbing to the top of La Peña for the equally impressive view down from these heights. It’s perhaps the most beautiful view of the lake and town that can be seen with your feet on the ground.

La Casa Rodavento

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